To join People’s Spotlight and vote on decisions, members must contribute at least $60 annually.

Benefits to People’s Spotlight, on top of voting rights, include perks such as the following:

  1. Early access to People’s Spotlight shows
  2. Discount on tickets
  3. Access to members-only conferences/parties/gatherings
  4. Opportunity to co-create shows with producers
  5. Access or use of shared performances places

Under the hood, People’s Spotlight is a multi-class hybrid cooperative that has two distinct classes of ownership and governance. Owners are able to participate in multiple membership classes at once. However, each member will have one vote per membership. All members are owners in the co-op which means they have the right to profit sharing, governance [decision-making and voting power], and other membership perks.


Overview of a Patron Member:

Patron members make financial contributions to join (in the form of membership fees) that keep the cooperative running and enable the Stewards, Contributors, and recipients of both funding and expertise (creators and producers) to do what they do best. You will gain insights on every deal, from initial ideation to opening night. You will also be expected to give your feedback in the form of voting, governance, and consultation on each project that engages with People’s Spotlight.

You may also receive things like discounts to shows (or other places that the cooperative deems valuable), merchandise from shows, and more.

Responsibilities as a Patron Member:

  • Show up as an active owner in People’s Spotlight. You are the lifeblood of the community. You rely on others and others rely on your to bring these shows into reality.

  • You participate in community events and activities. Visit the calendar here.

  • You actively participate in proposal governance to influence decision making at People’s Spotlight. View open proposals here.

  • You instigate and engage in community discourse and conversation here.

  • You follow the terms and conditions of being a member.

  • You abide by the code of conduct.

How to become a Patron Member:

  • Become a Patron here


Overview of a Contributor Member:

Are you a theater nerd, community manager, project coordinator, brand expert, or just an all-around useful badass looking to actively participate in running the cooperative or executing the cooperative’s ongoing productions?

This is the membership for you.

Contributor members work directly on productions as well as other activities that will make People’s Spotlight successful over the long term: marketing, PR, community building, and logistics/operations. You are the lifeblood of the cooperative. You’ll work directly with the Stewards, leadership team, and any other committees that the cooperative may put into place to bring theatre to the masses. You will be entitled to compensation and you will have ownership rights within the co-op. Your voice will be heard and valued in the decision-making and governance of the co-ops treasury. The process of Contributor members will be shaped and implemented by the Stewards.

Responsibilities as a Contributor Member:

  • You actively “work” on initiatives as outlined by the Stewards (or by an elected committee) for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

How to become a Contributor Member:

  • Check out People’s Spotlight job board here

  • Don’t see a role that aligns with you? Propose your own role here

Terminating Ownership

On your NATION account, you will have an option to “leave the cooperative.” When you click this button you will be automatically removed from the cooperative and your membership will be burned. You will no longer hold ownership nor any of the ownership rights that come along with it. A termination agreement will be sent to the email associated with your ownership and you will no longer be able to access your People’s Spotlight account. If you have mistakenly hit this button, please email

Other grounds for termination:

  • The death of an owner.

  • A notice of termination via email in which we will manually terminate your ownership/membership.

  • A business or organization as an owner dissolves.

  • Contributor-member ceases to work within the owner terms.

  • Patron-member ceases to participate within the owner terms.

  • The Stewards expel an owner for cause due to a violation of terms or conduct (or other just cause) using a standard process.